The 18 Best Travel Gifts For People Who Love To Travel

If you know someone who would rather be traveling, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve pulled together a handful of some of the best, most fun, and compl...

If you know someone who would rather be traveling, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve pulled together a handful of some of the best, most fun, and completely essential travel gifts that your wanderlust friends will actually use on their adventures. 

Here are 18 of the best travel gifts for folks who love traveling: 

  • 1These packing cubes
    Organize and compress the contents of your travel bag. Ideal for the traveler who likes to stay organized. Get a starter kit here
  • 2This organized travel wallet
    If you know a Type A traveler, they'll appreciate how meticulously organized this travel wallet is, with room for a passport, cards, boarding passes, cash, coins, and even a phone. Get it here
  • 3This subscription box for travel-size items
    This subscription box features travel sizes, single serving sizes, and other miniature products, and is ideal as a gift for travelers, hikers, military or even college care packages. Plus, it ships worldwide from the U.S. Get it here
  • 4This silver mountain ring
    For the traveler who's an adventurer at heart. Get it here
  • 5An external battery for phone charger
    This high-speed charger delivers the fastest possible charge to any device. It's small and lightweight design makes it a great addition to any traveler's carry on. Get it here.
  • 6A leather cord wrap
    There's nothing more frustrating that opening your carry on bag to discover your cords are an impossibly knotted mess. This travel pouch will keep things organized while on the go. Get it here
  • 7This Old Fashioned cocktail carry on kit
    This kit includes a carry in, recipe card, muddler spoon, aromatic bitters, and cane sugar. Get it here
  • 8This "Anywhere Travel Guide"
    With tips like “Choose the longest way today,” and “Find the highest point of this city accessible by walking,” this travel guide is perfect for jetsetters. Get it here
  • 9This airplane necklace
    For the traveler who has "everywhere" on their travel list. Get it here
  • 10A compact camera drone
    Made for new users, this pint-sized 4K video drone includes a selfie recording option, a great feature for solo travelers. Get it here
  • 11Faux leather weekend bag
    Upgrade your weekend travel look with a refined faux leather travel bag. Get it here
  • 12A Turkish bath towel
    Travelers know that versatility is key. A Turkish bath towel can be used as a scarf, a beach towel, a coverup, a blanket and, you guessed it, even a towel. Get it here
  • 13A portable all-in-one coffee maker
    Hardcore travelers will agree that there's one thing they miss while on the road: a good cup of coffee. Give them a gift that'll taste like home with this combined drip coffee maker, tumbler and grinder. Get it here
  • 14A two-way scarf
    Versatility reigns supreme for travelers. This stole can also be used as a chunky scarf or even a wrap or blanket. Get it here
  • 15A waterproof portable speaker
    This Bluetooth-powered speaker has up to 20 hours playing time before it needs a charge, and has built-in calling capabilities. Get it here
  • 16A bar of solid shampoo
    Solid shampoo is one of those travel essentials you didn't know you needed. Because of its solid shape, it's easy to travel with, easy to use, and this intensely floral bar includes vegetarian, ethical and safe ingredients. Get it here
  • 17Some waterproof phone pouches
    The wild adventurer can never have too many waterproof accessories. Get them here
  • 18Leather passport and card holder
    This wallet holds two passports, cash, cards, boarding pass, and a pen. It's a sleek way to keep all of your travel essentials within arms length. Get it here

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