The doodle marks the 44th anniversary of the Bronx block party that birthed hip-hop. It was there that DJ Kool Herc invented the "break" (by isolating the percussive portion of a beat). The term also lends itself to breakdancing, a style of dance synonymous with early hip-hop.

While it's no DJ Hero, Google's interactive music tool does boast some replay value. Using click-and-drag controls you can scratch the records, change the crossfader and BPM, and pick and choose from a crate of iconic vinyls. It even boasts achievements (ten in total) that reward experimentation. Before you know it, you'll be spinning beats like a pro. All that's left is to get a friend to rap over them. Wisely, Google auto-mutes the music if you navigate to a new tab. Allowing you to put your procrastination (sorry, mix) on hold while you attend to more important matters.