Power up your Switch and you should see the latest update to the news channel. It essentially tells players how they can feed meat or fruit to specific animals in Zelda's open world. Pretty straightforward thus far, right? The neat trick, however, is that when you tap the clickable link at the end of the update, you'll spawn in-game with three pieces of food. These tend to be split between basic meat and apples. Of course, be sure to have the game in your system, otherwise it won't work. It also seems like you can keep grabbing the items to your heart's content. Unless, Nintendo decides to disable the link when the next update drops.

It may read like a gimmick to get you checking game promos for now, but it could be worth keeping an eye on. Especially if Nintendo keeps dishing out free stuff. For example, players would be pretty chuffed if the Splatoon 2 channel started dropping free swag. If you're looking to populate your feed with more updates, just hit the news icon from the Switch home screen, and select find channels. Then, scroll through the list and start following the ones you like.