I used the feature to look for a pair of brown booties and for a simple black dress like JLaw's, and it worked pretty well both times:

The move is a no-brainer for ASOS when 80 percent of its traffic in the UK comes from mobile devices. Its mobile users are only bound to grow in number now that it's investing $40 million to expand its presence in the US. Andy Berks, its digital product director, said in a statement: "We know this (mobile devices) is where our customers are and it's how they interact with us everyday, so we are always looking for ways that are mobile native to make their experience even better."

As you probably noticed, ASOS' new feature works just like Pinterest's and eBay's own visual search tools. Pinterest rolled out Lens earlier this year as a way to boost its status as a shopping platform. eBay announced its own take on the feature last month, though you won't be able to search for the best deals on the website until the company rolls out its visual search capabilities this fall.