July 13, 2017 15:36 GMT by cbssports.com

LOOK: Auburn fan brings his dog -- painted like a tiger -- to SEC Media Days

Guess he couldn't afford an actual tiger ...

Thursday marked the fourth and final day of 2017 SEC Media Days, and if you've been following along the entire time, you know how draining an experience it can be. Press conference after press conference, interview after interview, everything all starts looking and sounding the same at some point during Day 3.

So by the time the final day rolls around, you're looking for something -- anything -- that's new and exciting, and sometimes that thing happens to be a dog that has been painted to look like an orange and blue tiger by its owner.

Yeah, so if you haven't figured it out yet, Auburn coach Gus Malzahn is one of the coaches scheduled to speak on Thursday. Hopefully, somebody can get a photo of him with the dog.

As for the dog that's painted like a tiger, it's name is Tiger Jake, and he gets that dye job done every eight weeks. So, you know, this isn't just a one-time deal. I suppose feeding a dog and getting it dyed every eight weeks costs less than owning a tiger. Plus, you can't take your tiger out for a walk on account of the whole possibly eating you or others thing.

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