VIDEO: Evra chats up a bird and goes sandboarding on holiday

The Marseille full-back has offered another insight into his private life, showing what he gets up to on holiday - and it's not normal!

Patrice Evra’s Instagram videos have shown that he’s got a certain charm about him, but when it comes to birds, it seems he leaves them feeling a bit cool.

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Taking time away from Marseille before the start of pre-season training, the former Manchester United and Juventus left-back has tried his hand at falconry, though it seemed his primary goal was to talk ‘Griffin’ into action.

“Do you love this game?” he asked the falcon. “You have to look at me when I’m talking to you!”

Although he got little response from the bird, he simply laughed it off then tried his hand at sandboarding, throwing himself down a steep dune with some style as he managed to keep his balance all the way to the bottom.

Finally, on his desert adventure, he took a dune buggy out for a spin, threatening to drive off into the sunset before eventually returning.