LOOK: Everson Griffen's wife just had a baby boy and he wants you to help name him

The Vikings' pass rusher revealed the latest addition to the family after sacking Matthew Stafford

Everson Griffen is probably having a better Thanksgiving than you. The Turkey Day festivities started with Griffen's wife giving birth to their third child, and the good times continued when he sacked Matthew Stafford in the first half of the Vikings-Lions game. And these two things are related because we learned about the latest member of Griffen's family thanks to his sack celebration that revealed an undershirt that read, "I just had a baby boy, what should I name him?"

That's right, Griffen a) doesn't know the name of his new son and b) needs your help coming up with a name. (He wasn't with his wife for the birth but was with his teammates in Detroit preparing for the game.)

We're stuffing the suggestion box with with Case Thielen Griffen because it will never be more popular than it is now.