LOOK: Roger Goodell visits a Seahawks bar in New York City hours before all of Seattle hates him

In spite of a win, it was a bad night for the Seahawks on Thursday Night Football

Thursday Night Football has long been a controversial addition to the NFL's viewing schedule. Last year, Richard Sherman wrote an article for The Player's Tribune in which he explained why he hated TNF so much. Last night, Sherman tore his achilles, sidelining him for the year. And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was with the Seahawks faithful when it happened.

Goodell visited a Seahawks themed bar in New York City during the game on Thursday, mingling with fans and watching the game.

In its own way, it's amazing that Goodell goes to bars dressed like he's going to country clubs. But if he was there when Sherman went down, that must have been mighty awkward.

But then, of course, Goodell has a lot going on. He's in a few fights with Jerry Jones. His extension as commissioner may be incentive-based, and the Ezekiel Elliott saga may literally never end. Sometimes, he just wants to get out and hang out with the people. It's just that, all things considered, these might not have been the right people on this particular night.

If Goodell asked the fans for suggestions on how to improve football, expect to see defensive lines abolished in 2017 and any touchdowns that occur after a quarterback scrambles for more than eight seconds to be worth 16 points instead of six. On second thought, call up the commissioner. This could be a good pitch.