Look At How Uber's Top Leadership Has Crumbled

Several of Uber’s top managers have left the company this year amid reports of a toxic company culture. Many of the open positions have not been filled.

Written by Ryan Grenoble

Once the darling of the sharing economy, Uber is knee-deep in a PR crisis pileup with few executives left to guide it back into Silicon Valley’s good graces.

In the last six months, the ride-hailing app has hemorrhaged high-ranking leaders as allegations of sexual harassment, a toxic workplace culture, corporate subterfuge and profiteering came to light and played out in viral social media campaigns ― and those are apparently just the tip of the iceberg. 

The intense public scrutiny was enough for CEO Travis Kalanick, who was caught on video chewing out an Uber driver who questioned the company’s compensation policies in February, to admit he needed “leadership help.” If the vacancies at the top of Uber’s ranks indicate anything, the whole company needs it.

Take a look for yourself:

Alissa Scheller/The Huffington Post