In McConnell spat, Trump banks on his base

The only surprise about President Donald Trump's flare-up with Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is that it took so long.

The President -- an instinctive, outspoken, impatient New Yorker -- often decries checks on his power, thinks the Senate is a talking shop and is as different as it is possible to be from the charisma-challenged McConnell.
The Kentuckian is the archetypal senator, a man of few public words who prefers Capitol Hill backrooms to Twitter, who reveres the chamber he leads and loves the political long game so much that he named his memoir after it.
Both men are protective of the power that they wield -- but both men, along with House Speaker Paul Ryan -- are critical to the enactment of a meaningful legacy for the Republican Party's current monopoly in power. So if they are on a different page, it's news.

Political logic?