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Coronation Street fans left confused AGAIN as soap pays tribute to Katy Armstrong - and mistakenly think actress Georgia May Foote has died

Coronation Street fans left confused AGAIN as soap pays tribute to Katy Armstrong - and mistakenly think actress Georgia May Foote has died

'She was a great actress she will be missed x'

Coronation Street paid a touching tribute after it was revealed that Katy Armstrong had died in an off-screen car crash .

However fans were a little confused - and ended up thinking that actress Georgia May Foote had died rather than her character.

On the soap's official Twitter page, they shared a picture of Georgia on the cobbles and wrote: "R.I.P Katy Armstrong #Corrie #Katy #Chesney #Izzy."

And despite clearly writing Katy, some fans thought that Georgia had died.

One commented underneath: "This was my first time to see her and she was a fantastic girl and good friend".

(Image: Twitter)
Katy Armstrong died off-screen on Coronation Street last night

Another added: "Aww that's cool! She was amazing on Corrie".

Unsurprisingly, this led to one confused viewer commenting: "Has she passed in corrie or reality?"

Another remarked: "She was a great actress she will be missed x."

One viewer admitted: "Christ I thought she was dead for real then!!"

(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)
(Image: Twitter)

This was only the beginning of confusion for fans after last night's episode left many wondering who exactly had died after struggling to understand Izzy Armstrong's babbling.

A few even claimed that they had to put the subtitles on.

This evening's episode saw the soap confirm that Katy Armstrong had been killed off-screen in a car crash.

In heartbreaking scenes this evening, Izzy was told the news by her dad Owen on the phone, which she relayed to Sinead, Fiz and Tyrone.

(Image: ITV)
Viewers struggled to understand Izzy's babbling
(Image: ITV)
She revealed that she had found out her sister had died

But viewers were a bit confused and flocked to Twitter to try and figure out who had died.

One confused fan tweeted: "Hang on, who died? Chesney has a son? Wait, where, what? #Corrie."

A second wrote: "Who's dead? I didn't catch a word of that."

"Who??? Couldn't understand a word of who died?? #corrie," a third questioned.

Another asked: "#Corrie who's died in a car crash, never understood a word of that?!"

Last week it was revealed that Izzy's younger sister Katy, played by Georgia May Foote from 2010 to 2015, has been killed in an off-screen car crash. Thankfully, her son Joseph was not in the crash.

In the second episode this evening, Chesney (Sam Aston) will ignore the advice of doctors to discharge himself from hospital and heads straight to the airport.

(Image: TV Grab)
Georgia May Foote played Katy Armstrong from 2010 until 2015
Chesney decides to rush off to Portugal to be with his son

He is desperate to be with his son and Sinead can't help but admire how brave and determined Chesney has been. And this could mean that Sinead will make a very brash decision tonight - despite getting close to her ex Daniel once again.

Speaking about the shock news, actress Katie McGlynn (Sinead), recently revealed that her character was "in awe" of how determined he is.

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Katy ended up cheating on Chesney with villain Callum

"She takes a step back and sees Chesney in a completely new light," she said."Sinead sees him as a man. He's got a fire in his belly and he is so courageous, because he is really poorly but he is passionate about something.

"Sinead can see that Chesney is really courageous, he takes responsibility and he has a good heart. It dawns on her, 'What have I been doing?'"

*Coronation Street continues tomorrow night at 7.30pm on ITV

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