Coronation Street spoiler: Has kidnapper Will Chatterton's nasty revenge plot against Michelle Connor been revealed?

Robert and Michelle seemed stronger than ever - and Will didn't seem too pleased about it

Viewers were shocked after Michelle Connor's stalker and kidnapper was revealed to be her ex-boyfriend Will - and his motive behind his nasty deeds may have already been exposed...

On tonight's episode of Coronation Street, Michelle's boyfriend Robert Preston was released from jail after beating up drug dealer Rich. He had mistakenly thought that rich was behind michelle's abduction and has been charged with ABH.

The police made another visit to Michelle's flat to deliver the news that she had been not been sexually abused by her attacker .

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Michelle was comforted by boyfriend Robert this evening after finding out that she wasn't raped
(Image: ITV)
Will didn't seem too happy that Robert and Michelle appeared stronger than ever

Michelle sobbed with relief and Robert hugged her, with the couple showing a united front.

"I can't bear how he's done this to you," Robert said, upset, but Michelle insisted that it wasn't his fault.

"I brought him into our lives," Robert told her. "He did this because of me."

But Michelle wasn't having any of it and put both of her hands on his face. "Listen here, I love you. And for what you did to Rich, I love you even more."

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Robert was charged with ABH after assaulting drug dealer Rich

Will didn't seem to pleased about their show of unity.

"She's very forgiving," Will told Maria as he stared over at the couple. "I would have thought they'd be screaming at each other."

"She loves him, doesn't she?" Maria said. "Sometimes things like this brings people closer together."

At this point, Will appeared to be glaring at the couple.

Does he want to split them up so that he can get Michelle all to himself? How far does his obsession with his ex go? Or does he want to destroy her relationship after the breakdown of his own?

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