Love Island's Marcel Somerville gets flustered after Jeremy Kyle quizzes him about sex life in front of Blazin' Squad bandmates

Marcel admitted his girlfriend Gabby Allen was definitely 'the one' before the muggy question

Marcel Somerville was reunited with his Blazin' Squad bandmates today as they spoke about riding on his success.

The Love Island star, who was without girlfriend Gabby Allen, spoke about his "testing" time on the hit ITV series during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The squad gave him a massive pat on the back after stand-in host Jeremy Kyle claimed Marc had 'given them a career'.

Jezza then asked Marcel an awkward question about his sexual antics since leaving the villa that left the singer looking a little bit flustered.

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Marcel revealed details of his future with the Blazin' Squad
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The band reunited on Good Morning Britain

Jeremy said: "Is Gabby the one? Because I'm reasonably ok talking about people's relationships."

Marcel admitted: "I definitely feel like she's the one - 100%."

The Jeremy Kyle Show presenter, who must have enjoyed seeing Gabby take on a lie detector in the villa, then tried to get the gory details of the couples' sex life.

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Jezza asked the muggy sex question
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Marcel looked a bit flustered

He said: "I know that you have to be careful, but you waited until you came out of the villa?"

Not wanting to give much away, Marcel replied: "Yeah - it was worth the wait."

The rest of the squad burst out laughing before putting their arms around an embarrassed Marc.

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He was comforted by his bandmates
Marcel believes him and Gabs were strong enough to win the show

Marc and Gabs made it to the final but finished in fourth, however, the singer believes they were "strong enough" to win.

The 'gent in the villa', who became famous for repeatedly mentioning he used to be in the Blazin' Squad, admitted life wasn't all rosy.

He said: "Do you know what it was very testing. All the challenges and that stuff did test your mental stability in romance as well."

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Marcel was the gent of the villa

The band behind hits such as Crossroads and Flip Reverse are making a comeback following Marcelle's success, with six of the squad teaming up.

Blazin' Squad will be performing a special one-off gig at London's Koko on 26ht November.

Jeremy said: "You guys must thank him for giving you a career."

Marcel added: "Obviously I’ve got my song coming out at the end of this week on my label but I wanted to do something with the boys. All the fans were supporting me and I wanted to do something to thank them."

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