Christine Lampard asks 'vile' guest who claims the NHS should stop offering IVF if she has any sympathy for parents

Sirena Bergman said IVF treatment should not be a priority despite the opinion of medical experts

Christine Lampard asked a 'vile' guest who claimed NHS should stop offering IVF if she has any sympathy for parents who can't have children.

Sirena Bergman said IVF treatment should not be a priority and resources should be put into other areas.

Doctor Virginia Bolton, from the British Fertility Clinic, argued that spending is minor and experts have agreed it it "cost effective".

However, Sirena, who refused to reveal if she had children, stood firm and claimed the government was reinstating the idea that women need to give birth to have a fulfilled life.

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Sirena said that IVF should not be on the NHS

Sirena said: “I don’t believe it should be funded by the NHS. I absolutely don’t think IVF should be banned and I would never class it as a luxury. I think it’s an incredibly difficult process for a lot of women.

"But with the NHS being as underfunded as it is and so many resources could be put into areas that genuinely effect people’s health. I don’t think IVF should be a priority."

Doctor Bolton said the decisions on spending were based on expert opinions and that three cycles of IVF give people the best chance of success and are cost effective.

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Christine tried to put her view across

She said: "What I think is important to stress is we are discussing opinions here and every one has a right to their opinions. But whats really important is what's happening.

"There is funding available for IVF treatment but different parts of the country use that money differently.

"Frankly it seems that if the money has to be restricted, yes we accept there isn’t an abundance of funds but this is the decision made by experts that know and understand the field and it is a cost effective form of treatment."

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Doctor Bolton gave her professional opinion

Christine, who has been standing in for Lorraine Kelly this week, then asked Sirena if she had any children.

She replied: "I don’t think that's relevant to the argument. I accept that experts have made this decision but I think what we need to remember is the broader social perception of women and that the idea for a women to live a fulfilled life she must give birth to a child. We need to challenge those preconceptions.

"I think the idea that the government would fund IVF really reinstates that idea andf women have lots of other options. If someone wants to become a mother there are lots of options for them and if they don’t it needs to be something as a society we support."

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Christine asked if she had any sympathy

Christine pointed out that some couples suffer terribly form having a burning desire to have kids and asked Sirena if she had any sympathy at all.

Sirena said: “Of course I have huge sympathy and I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to want o conceive naturally and not be able to.

"But I think it comes back to my original point, which is that we really need to stop the idea that if you want have a fulfilled life you need to have a nuclear family, a man and a woman and one gives birth to a baby. That's not the reality we live in and it’s problematic that we support that idea."

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Sirena was slammed by Lorraine viewers

Lorraine viewers took to Twitter to slam Sirena for her opinions.

One viewer said: "#lorraine that woman is a moron. IVF should be available to all women who can't have children."

Another added: "What a vile, narrow minded woman. Obviously has no idea of the emotional implications of infertility #Lorraine"

A third said: "The IVF convo on #lorraine was worrying. So women who don't want children make that choice freely, and women who do will need to be rich?"

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