2018 Jeep Wranglers: Here's how much more they could cost you

A document on JL Wrangler Forums reportedly handed out by FCA at the L.A. Auto Show details price increases of $2,100 to $2,750 on the redesigned Wrangler lineup.

The 2018 Jeep Wranglers were the stars of the L.A. Auto Show last week. And now further details about the lineup and its prices seem to have emerged from L.A., in the form of documents shared by a JL Wrangler Forums member.

DrPerez07 passed along an information sheet he says was provided by FCA to its dealer reps at the show, and here is how he breaks down the price increases it may reveal:

2-Door JL
Sport - $26,195 ($2,200 more than 2017 JK)
Sport S - $29,095 ($2,100 more than 2017 JK)
Rubicon - $36,395 ($2,750 more than 2017 JK)

4-Door JLU
Sport - $29,995 ($2,100 more than 2017 JKU)
Sport S - $33,195 ($2,100 more than 2017 JKU)
Sahara - $36,995 ($2,700 more than 2017 JKU)
Rubicon - $40,195 ($2,750 more than 2017 JKU)

(These prices would seem to not include a destination charge.)

As you can see, the Rubicon's base price crosses the Rubicon of $40,000 for the first time. And these prices seem to allay some confusion and concern among forum members regarding a recent forum post in which a Sahara test vehicle was photographed in the FCA HQ parking lot with a window sticker showing a "base price" of $45K.

DrPerez07 built this first spreadsheet to clarify some garble that you can see in what he says was the actual document, which follows.

Finally, DrPerez07 passes along documents that he says were given to him by a Jeep rep, which break down wheel options, engine options, horsepower and other specs, and a general rundown of what's new on the new models. He also says the rep told him that, interestingly despite the use of some aluminum body panels, the whole JL lineup, with the exception of the Rubicon, weighs more than their JK predecessors.