Porsche CEO confirms 911 hybrid development and timeline

Porsche's CEO told Automotive News that the company is indeed working on a plug-in hybrid 911 and the specs and timeline match a previous report.

Porsche has gone back and forth so often about a 911 hybrid in the past few years that it's sometimes felt like a Magic 8 Ball would be just as reliable at predicting the hypothetical car's future. Most recently, the answer to the 911 hybrid has appeared to be "Signs point to yes," but now according to Automotive News, it looks like the answer might even be "You may rely on it," though not quite "It is certain."

The news outlet spoke with Porsche's CEO Oliver Blume on the subject, and Blume confirmed that the company is in fact still developing a 911 hybrid, and although it isn't 100 percent finalized, it's probably going to happen. He also said that it would likely come to market halfway through the next-generation model's lifecycle, and have a battery-only range of around 40 miles. That matches up with the last report we heard that cited an anonymous source. While we wait, we'll be sure to keep you up to date if the Magic Porsche Ball decides to change its answer at the last minute.